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Uw gespecialiseerd advocaat erfrecht en advocaat familierecht in Amsterdam

Mr. P.M. de Vries (Petra)

Lawyer and mediator

I was admitted to the Dutch Bar Assocation in 1996, after obtaining my law degree at the University of Amsterdam and my postgraduate law degree at University College London.

During my career I have focused on family law (divorce) and inheritance law. These are the only fields in which I practice. I have succesfully completed my specialization courses in both fields at the Dutch Society for Family Lawyers and Mediators (vFAS).I am also a full member of VEAN (Dutch Society for Inheritance lawyers.

In my work I combine speed with accuracy. I attach great importance to maintaining good communication with my clients and responding to their needs. I always discuss with you in advance the actions I shall take on your behalf. Often consultation or negotiation with the other side will lead to a satisfactory settlement. I will discuss with you whether a settlement would be in your interest. I don’t shy away from litigation, but in my experience litigation may take a very long time. In conflict situations like a divorce it may be preferable to come to a speedier conclusion through a settlement.

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